CK | Carrie Kennedy
"Overall, Carrie's approach to projects is stellar. Carrie demonstrates extreme professionalism and expertise through all of the internal, client, technical, and creative issues. In a word, Carrie is unflappable - there is no task that has been presented that Carrie cannot successfully - and gracefully - achieve."
—Candace Thomas, Jack Morton Worldwide

You probably spend about half of your day attached to technology. Frankly, you can't seem to break away.

But when it comes to rear projection, LED walls and Watchout systems, you don't know which way's up.

Carrie has worked as a production manager and technical director for both events and theatrical productions. She has managed outdoor festivals and indoor general sessions. She routinely works with the latest production gadgets and finds creative ways to make low tech look high end.

To you, that means she understands technology, costs and time required to put your event together. She has the connections and the buying power to cut deals, and she finds the most efficient and creative ways to get the job done, watching your piggybank as if it were our own.