CK | Carrie Kennedy
"Carrie navigates the requirements to ensure safety for the attendees & a high level of comfort from the various city offices... It was with the experience, knowledgeable approach & trusted relationships that Carrie Kennedy brings to a project that we were able to acheive success and completion of the event."
—Emily Herr, Looptopia Program Director

Event math. Add dozens of moving parts, countless pieces of machinery, hundreds or thousands of audience members to your internal staff and an entire crew of production experts. Let's be honest - the more moving pieces, the greater chance of something breaking.

You need a leader with a deep understanding of operational planning.

that public safety is key, but who doesn't sacrifice the fun and character of the event to ensure it.

Carrie knows how to manage all of the moving parts and keep the machine that is an event running smoothly. Her unique history ranges from ensuring the public safety of hundreds of thousands of event goers to putting high profile delegates
at ease.

And, regardless of where your event occurs, she knows how to manage the permitting process, no matter how unique your
event is.

That leaves you time to focus on what you do best.