CK | Carrie Kennedy
"Every time I work with Carrie I know I am working with the best, and even after my 30 years in the business I learn from her. I highly regard and recommend her. There simply is none better."
—Patrick Moloney, Freeman

Street closings. Fire marshal permits.
Show flows. Corporate culture. Government red tape. Celebrity agents. Lighting design. Staging. Audio. Union contracts. Hotel contracts. Talent contracts. Budget reconciliations.

To create an event, there's a lot to navigate. And to make sure you make it
to your destination, you need a guide.

To be more specific, you need an
executive producer. Actually, you need Carrie Kennedy.

Event production and operation is what Carrie Kennedy and her teams do best. Carrie can create an event to highlight your city or help it celebrate. She can throw a great party where you or your business is the center of attention, teach people in your organization about your product, or introduce that product to a global audience.

Carrie also travels smoothly from the
left brain to the right, offering creative solutions that really make your ideas
stand out.

That creativity blends perfectly with her experience in overseeing complex projects involving multiple venues, teams, timelines and budgets, redefining what you can expect in an executive producer. She knows the best people in the industry and brings them in for your event.

Individuals, businesses, cities,
associations and event companies work with her because they know she'll make them look good, meet their goals, and connect their messages to their audiences. The right way. The first time. And the next. And next.